Hard-Copy Publishes ‘The Music of Life’


‘The Music of Life’ has just been published in Glasgow’s ‘Hard-Copy’ magazine.

Check it out Β HERE

Our Lady of the Lathe

37 responses to “Hard-Copy Publishes ‘The Music of Life’

  1. Hi Mcbill, I was just thinking about you yesterday when I submitted my latest CWG short story. In fact I quoted you, as it was a very sad (but true) tale, by introducing it as another light frolic πŸ™‚
    How are you? Well I hope.

  2. I’m relieved to hear that you are still with us, McBill. Long may it last. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello McBill and sorry to hear about your health problems which seem to hopefully have been resolved.

    Good to hear you are still with us, and you have been missed.

    Take care and best wishes,


  4. Hi Mr Mcbill, sorry to hear that you have been having health problems. It is a very reliable technique these days, so I guess you will be around for a while yet πŸ™‚
    Take care

    • Thanks, Gazoopi. You are right about the reliability. The cardiac stents I got 15 years ago are still doing the job. The latest one is 1 week old and I’ve had no further mini-strokes in that time…knock on wood.

  5. Belated Happy New Year, McBill. Hope your health and happiness continue to express themselves in your inimitable fashion wherever you roam on this wobbly wide web.

  6. Hi McBill

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. πŸ™‚

  7. Hello Mcbill,

    I’d like to wish you a happy new year


  8. Following your lead, mcbill, I opened on Wrdpress with the masthead of ‘For Adults Only’ on 26th Sept. I’ve not had a single hit. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hello Hay, I just visited your new site. There are several ways to drive traffic to your site. Commenting is a good first step – if people don’t know about it, they can’t visit. You might also mention it in one of your posts along with a link. If you mention it too often people will accuse you of spamming, but there is nothing wrong an occasional pointer. I noticed that your piece ‘RIP Brock the Badger!’ is uncategorised and would suggest it be categorised as News so that it will show up in that feed. Once visitors show up they will need a reason to return and that is where regular posting is helpful (something I have been guilty of neglecting).

  9. Yes, it does seem to be part of her nature. She has closed comments on her blog.

  10. He may have deleted his own account, but somehow I doubt it …

    • On his final post about bloggers’ behaviour he stated it was his intention to return to participating solely in the CWG’s activities so it is possible he felt creating a new ID was the only way to avoid further harrassment from Bubble and company.
      Bill – I have a copy of Gazoopi’s blog if you want it.

      • Hi Lolly
        I didn’t see that. I hope you’re right.

      • When I follow a link to my blog – which I deleted myself I see the usual 404 Error. When I try Gazoopi’s I am treated to “This site has been archived or suspended.” I have to think his leaving was not voluntary.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing the blog if you feel there is something there I should look at, but I cannot use it here without his permission.

  11. I gather Ara has already commented on another page, so sorry for repeating the news.

  12. Hello, McBill

    Just to let you know that Gazoopi’s account has been deleted; every one of his comments has gone, all his contributions to creative writing. I can’t say that he fell in battle, as he was not in warlike mode, but merely puzzled by Bubbles’ aggressive and ill-mannered attitude.

    He absolutely didn’t deserve this. I’m angry and sad.

    • I just replied to Ara about how unbelievable this is. Bubbles’ aggressive and ill-mannered attitude just seems to be a part of her nature. I think it is a cover for her obvious flaws and weaknesses.

  13. Got a good chuckle reading the comment from Bubbles1. Nowhere in the post or the commentary does anyone mention she had reported LT’s comments yet there she was making a strenuous denial. I wonder why.

  14. Let me guess…one of the banned bloggers is on the payroll. I got to thinking when you told us about that guy who’d been banned 200 times. No major paper is that stupid…had to be a put-on.

  15. Levent, It is so good to hear from you again. I have never taken your actions as impolite. The ‘children’ on the site felt a need to travel and act as a pack, but there should not be any need for adults to do the same. I am happy to have a link to your unique perspective.

  16. Hello Mcbill,

    I have been “enjoying” ramadan which consists of a lot of meditating, which means to keep mind away from trivia (mind fasting) which is why I have rarely visited Myt. Thus I haven’t noticed you have left.

    I enjoyed your intelligent contribution and smart with and humour. I have not replied to you always because some ‘children’ like to call it teaming up. :). I hope you understand and didn’t take it impolite at the time.

    Thank you for your kind words and the link.

    Best wishes,


  17. Oops, that was my fault, I’ve now released your comment and replied, McBill.

  18. Yes, one does feel rather tainted by the whole experience, I agree, McBIll.

    I have just read your latest entry to the CWG, and I loved it; well technically, I pressed the “Like” button. πŸ˜‰ I have often felt inspired by some of the characters one chances upon in cyberspace.

    Yes, absolutely agree about the element of control on WordPress, one can keep the undesirables out!

    Do feel free to visit my site. You may find some of my earlier posts interesting.

    • Araminta
      I visited your site and looked at some of your earlier posts. I tried to comment on the February 2010 thread (Apologia),but, I don’t think it took. Even though it is 2 1/2 years old it could have been written today. It was interesting that the name of the troll you were dealing with shares her name with my character – an amazing coincidence πŸ™‚ It would seem cases of arrested development occur in real life as well as fiction.

  19. Hello, McBill,

    Thank you for leaving a forwarding address. I’m really sorry you felt it necessary to leave MyT. You are not the first and I dare say you will not be the last.

    I sometimes wonder why I bother to stay; there are some good people on the site, but the general unpleasantness of a relatively small group of people really does ruin it.

    • Hello Araminta

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I was reluctant to leave the site, but, was advised that continued association with what could be described as a blatantly racist site might be detrimental to my own interests. You are correct in noting that there are many good people there. Unfortunately, even the decent posts were tainted by the activities of the few and MyT showed no inclination toward cleaning up its act. I have entered the CWG monthly comp one last time and after that I think my time at MyT will be complete.
      I like the WordPress way of doing things. The trolls can visit but they cannot control πŸ™‚

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